Best Technologies for Public Libraries: an exploration

I recently had the pleasure to present the seminar “Best Technologies for Public Libraries: Embracing Innovation in Library Services” to members of the Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA). It is, in part, informed by a book I co-authored not too long ago. Both the book and the presentation are an exploration of innovative uses of currentContinue reading “Best Technologies for Public Libraries: an exploration”

AI & the Library: Looking for rules!

The age of AI necessitates that libraries develop policy and procedure governing the use of the technology by our institutions. As someone who has written a good deal of policy around emerging tech, two of my building blocks have always been federal/state/local law and the manufacturer or developer’s own terms of service. Any discussion ofContinue reading “AI & the Library: Looking for rules!”

AI in the Library: Developing Policy, Procedure, and Professionals

While artificial intelligence holds tremendous potential for libraries, it also comes with significant concerns and the potential for harm. We find ourselves sailing uncertain waters; there are few guard rails governing AI’s use. Even as we acknowledge this truth, we must also note that library staff are already experimenting with AI chatbots (most commonly ChatGPT),Continue reading “AI in the Library: Developing Policy, Procedure, and Professionals”