Speaking & Consulting

Seeking a speaker for your library, organization, or associated event? I’m comfortable talking technology in libraries, having engaged with it on many levels; as the founding member of a Digital Services Department, a library administrator,  a columnist for Public Libraries Magazine, and the author of two books.

Below is a sampling of current topics; I am happy to customize content and format to best suit your needs! If you’re interested in arranging an appearance, please use the contact form.

State of Technology In Libraries (1 – 2 hours)

What were the technology trends of the past year? What new emerging technologies lie ahead? A library professional talks tech with a mind towards how it all impacts our organizations.

Evaluating Your Library’s Makerspace: (1 – 2 hours)

What metrics can libraries use to assess their makerspaces? An exploration of the questions we should seek to answer, the data we can collect, and ways to use this information when engaging with stakeholders.

Introducing Emerging Technologies to Your Community (1-2 hours)

The words “emerging technology” can inspire excitement and dread among staff in equal measure. I discuss strategies for overcoming staff resistance, developing policies, and training staff as you work to incorporate new technologies into your library’s programs and services.

Teaching Tech to Library Patrons: The Current Landscape (1 – 2 hours)

Staff have long served as technology instructors to our communities; what does that role look like in the year 2020 and beyond? This presentation will explore current topics, suggested curriculum, and best practices. A variety of approaches will be covered, including one-on-one, small group, drop-in, and passive instruction. With the right preparation, libraries can continue to help our patrons navigate the rapidly changing tech landscape!

Making the Most of Your Library’s Digital Collection (1 – 3 hours)

While 95% of public libraries lend eBooks, 60% of our patrons indicate a lack of awareness of eBook availability as a barrier to use; this according to a recent Library Journal/School Library Journal poll. As we continue to add streaming movies, music, digital magazines and other formats to our collection, our need to effectively train staff and promote these services grows. This presentation takes a comprehensive approach to maximizing your investment in library digital media.

Fixing your Facebook: Easy to implement strategies for improving your social media presence (1 – 3 hours)

Sometimes managing your library’s Facebook page can feel like shouting into the void! This presentation pulls back the curtain on Facebook’s algorithm and explores proven methods for increasing engagement with your public using easy-to-follow strategies. Stop struggling and achieve social media success!

Fostering Entrepreneurship in the Library Makerspace (1 hour)

Traditionally, libraries have not allowed businesses and individuals from using the library as their place of business. Makerspaces have now blurred the lines. How do libraries balance those old policies with modern Makerspaces and excited patrons who see business opportunities? How can libraries best support this spirit of entrepreneurship with equipment and staff resources?

Maintaining the Accuracy of Your Digital Presence (1 – 2 hours)

For libraries, the accuracy of the information we provide is of paramount importance. While we work to maintain our own websites, patrons searching for library information online are likely to encounter 3rd party sites which often contain inaccuracies! Learn how to identify and correct these sources of misinformation and maintain the accuracy of your digital presence!

Jumpstart 3D Printing at Your Library! (1 – 2 hours)

Thinking of purchasing your first 3D printer but not sure where to start? Already own one but feel it’s underutilized? This talk is dedicated to ensuring that 3D printing at your library is successful and sustainable! This short presentation offers tips for training staff, developing programs and services for the public, marketing your library’s 3D printer and communicating value to your stakeholders.

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