Spin to Win: 3D Printing Fidget Spinners at Your Library

Fidget spinners are experiencing a massive surge in popularity among children and teens. Libraries in possession of a 3D printer are poised to take advantage of this craze in several ways. Designing a Program Around Them As fidget spinners require highly precise measurements and interlocking parts, they can difficult for a newbie to create usingContinue reading “Spin to Win: 3D Printing Fidget Spinners at Your Library”

Dungeons & Dragons & 3D Printers

Role-playing games (RPGs) such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder have long enjoyed legions of fans.  More recently, Netflix’s hit show “Stranger Things,” has also served to drum up interest, as Dungeons & Dragons serves as a major plot point. Some libraries have sought to capitalize on this interest by offering meetups/gaming sessions and byContinue reading “Dungeons & Dragons & 3D Printers”