Libraries, Tech, & Public Health

Public libraries and public health have long been intertwined, with technology helping to facilitate the pairing. Let’s explore the past and present, as we chart a course for the future. Spotlight on 3D Printing The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic saw shortages in personal protective equipment (PPE). In some communities, library 3d printing capabilityContinue reading “Libraries, Tech, & Public Health”

How to Affordably Engage with Expensive Technologies at Your Library

Too often, high tech is synonymous with high cost, discouraging adoption by libraries with limited budgets. In this clip from Computers in Libraries 2022, I demonstrate how a little creativity can allow your library to still engage with an “expensive” technology without breaking the bank! Seeking a¬†speaker for your library¬†or organization? In need of aContinue reading “How to Affordably Engage with Expensive Technologies at Your Library”

Training Library Staff on Emerging Technologies

The words “emerging technology” can provoke dread in library staff. A strong focus on training can help take the fear out of change, and instead convert it into enthusiasm. In this short clip from Computers In Libraries & Internet Library Connect 2020, I discuss my keys to training staff. Seeking a speaker for your library or organization?Continue reading “Training Library Staff on Emerging Technologies”