Survey Reveals Growing Distrust of Social Media

A just-released Washington Post-Schar School Tech Survey reveals Americans are deeply suspicious of Big Tech, even as they engage in heavy use of their products.  Some key findings: 74% find targeted ads to be invasive. 73% view Big Tech’s data collection used for targeted ads as “an unjustified use of people’s private information”. Just 10%Continue reading “Survey Reveals Growing Distrust of Social Media”

Assessing Virtual Library Programs

In my latest Wired Library column, I explore the challenges of assessing virtual library programs. With libraries currently practicing social distancing in the face of COVID-19, many organizations have begun experimenting with virtual programming. As these offerings become increasingly commonplace and represent a growing portion of our time and budget, it is essential that weContinue reading “Assessing Virtual Library Programs”

Crafting Engaging Content to Achieve Social Media Success

In early 2018, Facebook announced a new emphasis on “meaningful social interactions,” a term that is meant to include traditional Likes and shares, but also places value on conversations. Facebook now gives higher visibility to posts that users wish to see—defined by their level of interaction with a given page. To truly succeed in thisContinue reading “Crafting Engaging Content to Achieve Social Media Success”