Using Idle Library Tech to Fight COVID-19

Closings and service reductions have left some libraries with an array of technology that currently sits idle. Rather than let this equipment gather dust, why not add it to the fight against the Coronavirus? Below are two ways your library may be able to help. Add Your Computers’ Processing Power to the Search for TreatmentsContinue reading “Using Idle Library Tech to Fight COVID-19”

Tinkering with Teens

Below are some schematics created in a two hour TinkerCAD workshop I taught in Suffolk County, NY. For most of these teens, this was their first time using the software–they were very excited to learn it was free and browser-based! If your 3D printer is available to the public,¬†giving your patrons some basic 3D designContinue reading “Tinkering with Teens”

Spin to Win: 3D Printing Fidget Spinners at Your Library

Fidget spinners are experiencing a massive surge in popularity among children and teens. Libraries in possession of a 3D printer are poised to take advantage of this craze in several ways. Designing a Program Around Them As fidget spinners require highly precise measurements and interlocking parts, they can difficult for a newbie to create usingContinue reading “Spin to Win: 3D Printing Fidget Spinners at Your Library”