A Resource List on AI in the Library

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The talk around artificial intelligence and libraries can be exciting, frightening, and very confusing. Here’s a resource list on AI in the library to help you get started! These sources cover the impact of artificial intelligence on libraries, free courses on popular AI tools, and the early legislative action regarding AI and copyright.

Getting Familiar

These links provide an opportunity to consider where and how artificial intelligence might be applied within a library setting, as well as a “virtual petting zoo” where you can get hands-on.

Free Online Courses

Looking to train up on some of the more popular generative AI tools? Here are some good, free options!

AI and Copyright

AI remains largely uncharted territory with regards to copyright. These links look at some early guidance from the US Copyright Office (including decisions), and early regulatory work taking place in the United States and Europe.

Final Thoughts

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I hope you’ve found these resources useful as we collectively plan for AI’s impact on library services. I talk a lot about the intersection of emerging technologies and libraries (AI included); you can find a list of my upcoming appearances here. If your organization is in need of a keynote speaker or some library professional development, feel free to reach out! Finally, I now have on-demand training available through Niche Academy.

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