Small Tech Changes, Big Library Impact

I want to begin with two simple statements: technology should deliver convenience, and not all technological change needs to be radical to be effectual. With that in mind, here are some small tech changes that can make a big impact at your library. Use Technology to Expand an Existing Offering A small, further investment inContinue reading “Small Tech Changes, Big Library Impact”

Library Virtual Outreach: Connecting with Your Target Audience

Libraries engage in outreach for a number of reasons, key among them are to raise the public’s awareness of the library, connect with community partners, and to bring library services to the underserved. Traditional library outreach is complicated enough, however virtual outreach brings a unique set of challenges that requires a nuanced approach. While IContinue reading “Library Virtual Outreach: Connecting with Your Target Audience”

Providing Access to Telehealth Through the Public Library

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a steady rise in telehealth use. By way of example; March 2020 saw telehealth visits increase by 154% compared to March 2019! While more recently, telehealth usage has decreased from all-time highs, it remains a convenient, and sometimes necessary option in rural communities where access to health care andContinue reading “Providing Access to Telehealth Through the Public Library”