Virtual Reality: Staff Training and Responsibilities

The following article was adapted from the book Best Technologies for Public Libraries: Policies, Programs, and Services by Christopher DeCristofaro, James Hutter, and Nick Tanzi. Libraries Unlimited, January 2020, 211 pages. The Three Levels of Staff Engagement A well-trained staff is essential for the successful adoption of virtual reality technology at your library. To thisContinue reading “Virtual Reality: Staff Training and Responsibilities”

Starting A Teen 3D Printing Club at Your Library

Originally appears in the February 2017 print edition of VOYA Magazine as “Teens and Technology: Teen 3D Printing Club”. 3D printing is an exciting technology that can engage your teen patrons like few things can! The question for many libraries that are considering purchasing a 3D printer (or for some that already have made aContinue reading “Starting A Teen 3D Printing Club at Your Library”

3D Printing in Libraries: Putting Your Misprints to Work!

Let’s face it, even the most carefully maintained 3D printer will suffer misprints. In the past, I’ve muttered some choice words before throwing the offending object out. Happily, there’s another way! Enter the “3D Printing Swear Jar!” Rather than depositing them directly in the garbage, I now collect these misprints and later put them toContinue reading “3D Printing in Libraries: Putting Your Misprints to Work!”