Providing Access to Telehealth Through the Public Library

Photoshopped image of a doctor in a blue shirt emerging from a laptop computer, while holding a stethoscope in one hand.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a steady rise in telehealth use. By way of example; March 2020 saw telehealth visits increase by 154% compared to March 2019! While more recently, telehealth usage has decreased from all-time highs, it remains a convenient, and sometimes necessary option in rural communities where access to health care and public transportation may be limited. Even as telehealth presents an attractive option, a digital divide exists, particularly in rural communities, with Pew Research indicating nearly one-in-three households lack broadband access. With many communities possessing both a demonstrated need for telehealth, and persistent barriers to access, libraries stand poised to help.

Why are libraries ideal telehealth partners? Continue reading my piece at the Arizona Telemedicine Program’s Blog.

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