3D Printing Adventures with William Floyd

Originally published at LinkedIn Pulse. Each year, the Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library celebrates the birthday of William Floyd (local hero & signer of the Declaration of Independence) with the school district that bears his name. Among the festivities planned would be a birthday cake baked by culinary students, essay readings and the display of student art. ThisContinue reading “3D Printing Adventures with William Floyd”

Your Library’s Digital Collection & the Post-Holiday Bump

Originally published at LinkedIn Pulse The holiday season is often considered a down time for libraries, as it can be difficult to compete for our patrons’ time and attention. Generally, we offer fewer programs and may experience a brief downturn in checkouts between Thanksgiving and New Year. Following this period, however is an ideal timeContinue reading “Your Library’s Digital Collection & the Post-Holiday Bump”

Using Augmented Reality To Improve Local History Collections

We’ve Made Local History Collections Accessible, Now Let’s Make Them Fun! With the Pokemon GO craze in full swing, many libraries are looking to capitalize on the phenomenon. While there are ways for libraries to benefit directly (see my prior article here), there is also the potential to incorporate the underlying augmented reality technology to greatContinue reading “Using Augmented Reality To Improve Local History Collections”