How Can AI Be Used in Libraries?

As artificial intelligence continues to grow by leaps and bounds, how is AI technology manifesting itself in our public, academic, and school libraries? AI-Powered Patron Assistance Library digital services contain an amalgam of third-party e-media collections and software solutions, which we try to present as a unified library experience. While libraries have experimented (and continue to experiment)Continue reading “How Can AI Be Used in Libraries?”

Library Tech Trends for 2023

As we head into 2023, I wanted to take some time to share a few of the library technology trends that I see taking shape. Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Our Libraries While some applications of AI in libraries may be bleeding edge, the technology is already making its impact felt, particularly in the areas ofContinue reading “Library Tech Trends for 2023”

The Cycle of Emerging Tech in Libraries

Change can bring uncertainty, and, as the last few years have demonstrated, uncertainty can be extremely uncomfortable both for individuals and organizations! While technological change is constant and its impact on libraries can seem difficult to predict, it does follow a familiar route that I’ve dubbed “The Cycle of Emerging Tech in Libraries”. Let’s haveContinue reading “The Cycle of Emerging Tech in Libraries”