Economics Professor Suggests Replacing Libraries with Amazon, is Promptly Destroyed on Twitter

On July 21, 2018, economics professor Panos Mourdoukoutas wrote an article in Forbes suggesting that Amazon should replace libraries to save taxpayers money. I, like a vast majority of people within and outside of the profession found the idea poorly thought out and needlessly inflammatory. It would appear that little actual research went into the article (some good data on the economic impact of libraries is available here).

Taking to social media to voice my opinion, I found Library Twitter once again up to the task.

It’s the digital divide, stupid:

What about early literacy?

What about research?

Libraries. Are. More. Than. Books.

Economics 101:

Sources, please:

Ever heard of fake news?

Congrats to the professor on reminding everyone of the essential, irreplaceable role libraries play in society!

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