Tech Trends for Libraries in 2021

To say that 2020 was a year of disruption and change would be an understatement! The COVID-19 pandemic has caused pervasive alterations in people’s daily lives, and spurned rapid technological change. With this in mind, what is the current technology landscape, and how can we expect it to impact libraries today and into the future?Continue reading “Tech Trends for Libraries in 2021”

Using Idle Library Tech to Fight COVID-19

Closings and service reductions have left some libraries with an array of technology that currently sits idle. Rather than let this equipment gather dust, why not add it to the fight against the Coronavirus? Below are two ways your library may be able to help. Add Your Computers’ Processing Power to the Search for TreatmentsContinue reading “Using Idle Library Tech to Fight COVID-19”

Disconnected: Seven Lessons on Fixing the Digital Divide

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has just released Disconnected: Seven Lessons on Fixing the Digital Divide. This report explores issues of broadband access, its economic impact, and methods to help close the divide (an area where libraries can certainly play a role). The report is non-technical in nature, and is composed of sevenContinue reading “Disconnected: Seven Lessons on Fixing the Digital Divide”