Disconnected: Seven Lessons on Fixing the Digital Divide

disconnected reportThe Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has just released Disconnected: Seven Lessons on Fixing the Digital Divide. This report explores issues of broadband access, its economic impact, and methods to help close the divide (an area where libraries can certainly play a role). The report is non-technical in nature, and is composed of seven sections:

  1. Awareness: Many lack an understanding of the digital divide.
  2. Change: The digital divide will never go away. Ever-changing technology means the digital divide is a moving target.
  3. Rural Broadband: New business models and/or public funding are critical to serving unprofitable areas.
  4. Broadband Adoption: Work with, not for, the community.
  5. Digital Skills: Teaching digital skills is complex, labor-intensive and requires an element of trust.
  6. Equipment: Time and adequate equipment are needed to increase adoption.
  7. Evaluation and Collaboration: Stakeholders are hungry to learn from others

The full report is available in PDF here.

Complimentary hard copy of the report are available. To request yours, send your name, address and organizational information to Kristi Bromagem.


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