The Cycle of Emerging Tech in Libraries

Change can bring uncertainty, and, as the last few years have demonstrated, uncertainty can be extremely uncomfortable both for individuals and organizations! While technological change is constant and its impact on libraries can seem difficult to predict, it does follow a familiar route that I’ve dubbed “The Cycle of Emerging Tech in Libraries”. Let’s haveContinue reading “The Cycle of Emerging Tech in Libraries”

How Can Libraries Mitigate Social Disruption?

How can libraries best serve our patrons in the face of COVID-19 disruption? I discuss the pivotal and technology-driven role libraries play in times of accelerated social change in this short clip from Internet Librarian Connect 2021. Seeking a speaker for your library or organization? In need of a professional development webinar? Let’s talk! Need a roadmapContinue reading “How Can Libraries Mitigate Social Disruption?”