Tinkering with Teens

Below are some schematics created in a two hour TinkerCAD workshop I taught in Suffolk County, NY. For most of these teens, this was their first time using the software–they were very excited to learn it was free and browser-based! If your 3D printer is available to the public,¬†giving your patrons some basic 3D designContinue reading “Tinkering with Teens”

3D Printing Children’s Prosthetic Hands at Your Library

One of the most fascinating applications of a 3D printer is its ability to manufacture low-cost prosthetics. Libraries seeking to offer STEAM education, community service opportunities or a family-oriented activity should consider organizing a Hand Challenge! Getting Started: For the Hand Challenge at the Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library, we chose the open-source “Raptor Reloaded” schematic, whichContinue reading “3D Printing Children’s Prosthetic Hands at Your Library”

Starting A Teen 3D Printing Club at Your Library

Originally appears in the February 2017 print edition of VOYA Magazine as “Teens and Technology: Teen 3D Printing Club”. 3D printing is an exciting technology that can engage your teen patrons like few things can! The question for many libraries that are considering purchasing a 3D printer (or for some that already have made aContinue reading “Starting A Teen 3D Printing Club at Your Library”